New Release for July 7th, 2011

Posted on 07. Jul, 2011 by in blog, Release

This release is slightly smaller than normal because we did intermediate ones to get bigger fixes out, but it still has lots of cool improvements!

New Features

  • Improvements to Option Grants and Warrants:
    • Vesting Schedules
    • Vesting Termination Date (for example, employment termination)
    • Differing Grant Date vs. start of vesting date (doesn’t affect anything, just there for record keeping purposes)
    • Track number of options/warrants exercised.
  • Better UI for the default home page to explain what we do and how our accounts work. Still not there, but better. Any advice/ideas on this greatly appreciated.
  • Add ‘edit’ link for investors so you can change your display name or change the display name for funds (you must be an administrator for the VC firm that owns the fund).
  • More details in investment tooltips, particularly to show how much was received in an exit from Common.

Bug Fixes

  • More improvements to make sure accounts work right, particularly after one has expired.
  • Make the first round (which shows Common) add up all the entries (like convertible debt that converts to common, etc.) for more clarity. Display change only, all the calculations around this were correct.
  • Fix tooltip for investments of convertible stock to correctly show whether or not they converted. Display change only, calculations around this were correct.
  • Fix to liquidity cap calculations (we found corner cases that handled them incorrectly).